Here’s a map of the nine outdoor skating rinks in Stittsville. For the latest rink conditions, check out

A big thanks to all of the Stittsville volunteers who flood, shovel and maintain the rinks for all of us to enjoy.

(Click on a marker for more info.)

  • Bandmaster Park, 230 Mistral Way
  • Bryanston Gate Park, 23 Alon Street
  • Coyote Park, 367 West Ridge Drive
  • Crossing Bridge Park, 27 Hobin Street
  • Cypress Gardens Park, 33 Elm Crescent
  • Pioneer Plains Park, 1018 Stittsville Main Street (Jackson Trails)
  • Ralph Street Park, 12 Ralphpark Street
  • Trustee M. Curry Park, 85 Hartsmere Drive
  • Upcountry Park, 310 Upcountry Drive

For more rinks in Ottawa, inside and out, check out: City of rinks: The ultimate guide to Ottawa skating rinks, indoors and outside

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