Representatives from six local community associations, including the SVA, continue to ask for a response to their February letter requesting information about host agreement negotiations between the City and Waste Management and how community concerns will be addressed about the new West Carleton Environmental Centre landfill  in those negotiations. The following message was sent to Ward 5 West Carleton-March Councillor Eli El-Chantiry April 7th. More information about the new landfill can be found at or at


Hello Eli;
It has been over two months since our letter of concern about the proposed new landfill was sent to the Mayor and Councillors. It has been nearly one month since you responded to our follow-up and passed the letter to Sean Moore the planner on the landfill file. It is totally unacceptable that the concerns raised by six community associations representing thousands of residents and constituents should be ignored by the elected representatives them. We have been told that the – The Host Agreement will address Odour and Best Management; Property Value Plan, Service Area Limits and Diversion … and are to be addressed by the Public Liaison Committee. – and yet the PLC hasn’t met since November and the published PLC minutes make no mention of negotiations and discussions on the the major issue of community concern. In fact it would seem that the PLC didn’t even meet to discuss the Carp Road Modifications Approval associated with the new landfill.
It unacceptable that a written letter to the Mayor and Councillors by community representatives has not even be give an acknowledgment of receipt.   As we requested in the February 2nd letter we want to meet with those negotiating the Host Agreement with WM to discuss what is being proposed and to be able to present our concerns so they can be considered in the negotiations.
Thank you.
Richardson Corridor Community Association (Ward 5)
Stittsville Village Association (Ward 6)
Huntley Manor Community Association (Ward 5)
Jackson Trails Community Association (Ward 6)
Fairwinds Community Association (Ward 6)
Crossing Bridge Community Association (Ward 6)