Last night at our monthly SVA meeting, we heard an update from residents Kim Bonin and John Madden on their plans to start up a community garden behind Jo-Jo’s Pizza on Stittsville Main Street. We first heard about this project earlier in the spring and were pleased to write a letter of support on behalf of the SVA.

The Kassis family of Jo-Jo’s Pizza, has offered the property behind their restaurant on Main Street for the garden. As a symbol of his generosity, the garden will be known as “Jo-Jo’s Community Garden.  The plan is to start a 100% organic “Potager” garden (also known as a kitchen garden). This type of garden is a blend of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cutting flowers, and typically has a clean geometrical layout. The group has support from the Stittsville Horticultural Society and has applied for a start-up grant from Just Food, an organization that provides funding a support for community garden projects in Ottawa.

The garden design will be in the style of a Potager (also known as a kitchen garden). This type of garden is a blend of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cutting flowers.  Individual plots will be available for rent to individuals, groups and families. Future phases could involve partnerships with local schools and the Stittsville Food Bank. You can read more about the project here…

They’re hoping to start preparing the garden area as soon as the snow melts, so that planting can start on the Victoria Day weekend. The group is looking for volunteers to help with the initial building and prep of the garden.  They also are looking for donations of garden equipment. To get in touch:


We’ve very excited to support this project, that will have a direct benefit to the health and social well-being of our neighbourhood. We also believe that the concept represents a creative use for the large plot of land directly behind Jo Jo’s Pizza, and we’re encouraged to see the owners of Jo Jo’s supporting projects that align to the Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan.

Example of a potager garden

Example of a potager garden