Break and Enter Concerns:

Issue: Recently, various door to door salespeople have been reported in the Stittsville/Kanata area. There have been complaints of aggressive sales techniques and questionable tactics (including false claims or data) to encourage residents to purchase. As with any purchase, do your own research to determine if this product is suitable and beneficial for you and your home. Ask the salesperson to leave pamphlets or advertising material and you can get back to them at your convenience.

Do not feel pressured to answer questions or to allow a stranger into your residence and feel free to terminate the conversation when you no longer wish to engage with them. If you ask them to leave your property and they do not, please call Police at 613-230-6211.

What you can do – General Safety Tips:

– Lock doors, use door viewers when possible.
– Avoid leaving items of value (purses, laptops etc.) in plain view of doors and windows. Shut blinds and curtains.
– Report suspicious activity
– Trim trees and shrubs that could easily hide intruders
– Have adequate exterior lighting
– Improve home security with deadbolts etc.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Kanata/Stittsville Community Police Center
613-236-1222 X 2001
Remember: Check for crime data in your community