The Stittsville Village Association is pleased to host a meeting featuring candidates in the federal riding of Carleton September 28, beginning at 6:45 pm. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum in which candidates can present their campaign platform and answer questions from voters. This is not a debate between candidates, but rather an opportunity for you to hear from the four candidates and to ask them questions on topics of your choice. Candidates in attendance will be:

Deborah Coyne, Green Party
KC Larocque, New Democratic Party
Chris Rodgers, Liberal Party
Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Party

The format will include introductions, opening statements, questions from the audience, and closing statements. Those who wish to ask questions will be asked to take a number. These will be drawn at random to be fair. Each question is limited to 45 seconds in length, so please be thoughtful and concise when asking your question and try to avoid duplicating questions. The questioner is not allowed a rebuttal. Candidates will be given 90 seconds to respond.