The Stittsville Village Association has joined other local community groups in asking for more open communication regarding community concerns about the WCEC landfill, and about negotiations between the City and Waste Management. Please see the full text below:

Good Morning Mayor Watson:

Please find attached a letter signed by six major west end community associations that are located in proximity to the new proposed West Carleton Environmental Centre landfill. Members of these communities have many questions about how the new landfill will impact the quality of life for those living and working in the area around the landfill site. They have concerns about how impacts of the landfill will be mitigated and compensated for. During the EA review process, the City raised a number of the same concerns and committed to address them during negotiations of a new Host Municipality Agreement and Community Compensation with Waste Management of Canada. Accountability would dictate that the communities most affected by the landfill, be informed in general terms as to what is being negotiated and have the opportunity to define and prioritize concerns that should be negotiated. As outlined in the letter we request consultation meetings with City staff and councillors involved in the negotiations with Waste Management, to share information and concerns.

We look forward to open consultation and dialogue related to the immediate and long term impacts of the new landfill for the residents of our west end communities. The original sign letter has been sent to you in the mail.

Thank you.

Harold Moore


February 2, 2015
Mayor Jim Watson

Eli El—Chantiry
Shad Qadri
Marianne Wilkinson
Scott Moffatt

Re: WCEC landfill and community concerns.

During the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the landfill expansion on Carp Road, Waste Management
committed to provide qualified home owners protection against reduction in the value of their homes
by reason of the new project. During the course of the EA, a Property Value Protection Program (PVPP)
was presented by Waste Management (WM) which listed no qualified properties. The program gave no
details on the mechanism used to define how properties were qualified.

Contrary to the WM contention that there are no qualified properties, the City identified the potential
for impacts on property values up to 5 km from the new dump. This difference in defined potential for
impacts on property values leaves many home owners anxious about how the dump might be a negative
factor to selling their home.

During the EA, Waste Management also committed to providing an odour enforcement mechanism as
additional inducement to WM to ensure odour impacts are rare, minor and addressed promptly. The
principles of such a mechanism were presented in the EA but details were left to be negotiated with the
City. As odour was a major issue for the community in the past and has potential to greatly impact the
area in the future, there is considerable concern about how odours will be monitored, reported,
mitigated and compensated for.

Members of the community are anxious about the potential impacts on their property values and future
odour problems. They are concerned about how they will be compensated for any losses in value and
enjoyment of their property due to the expanding landfill. Communications with Waste Management
indicate that they are holding fast with their declaration that there are no properties that qualify for
property value protection. We are aware that the City is negotiating with WM on property value
protection and odour issues among others, but have few details on what is being proposed. When it
comes to protection and enjoyment of the most valuable asset people have (their homes) and assuring
the quality of living in the community, details on the level of home value protection and odour
mitigation should be open and transparent, with homeowners involved in meaningful dialogue.

We as community associations respectfully request that you and those negotiating with WM meet with
our groups to explain what is being proposed and to listen to the concerns of the people living in
proximity to the proposed landfill expansion. We are prepared to meet at any time to discuss this most
important issue that affects many of your constituents.

Vincent Lavoie
Richardson Corridor Community Association

Tanya Hein
Stittsville Village Association

Harold Moore
Huntley Manor Community Association

Tim Larocque
Jackson Trails Community Association

Candace Carson
Fairwinds Community Association

Elad Lahv
Crossing Bridge Residents’ Association