Eleventh 2014 – 2015 Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, November 12th, at 7:00 PM

Stittsville Sobeys Community Room

D R A F T     A G E N D A

Call to order, 7 pm

  1. Motion to approve agenda
  2. Motion to approve October minutes
  3. Energy East Update, Phil Sweetnam, Nathalie Guay
  4. Planning and Development
    a) Potter’s Key Site Plan Meeting Update, Tanya Hein
    b) Area 6 Zoning By-law Amendment Application, Tanya Hein
    c) Bradley-Craig Barn, Glen Gower
    d) Carp & Hazeldean Intersection Concerns, Nancy Therrien
    e) Carp Road Widening Update, Tanya Hein
    f) 6371 Hazeldean Road (Hazeldean & Kittiwake), Tanya Hein
  5. WCEC Community Compensation, Phil Sweetnam
  6. Annual General Meeting Nov. 26th, Tanya Hein
  7. Councillor’s Report, Shad Qadri
  8. Other Business & Notes
    a) AGM November 26th, 8B Sweetnam Drive, 7 pm
    b) confirmation of Stittsville Pumpkin Parade support (email motion)
    b) community comment (have your say!)
  9. Motion to adjourn